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Client Testimonials :

"I took a trip with Rob on November 2 right in the middle of that sudden cold snap. The unseasonably low water temperatures had the fish hunkered down, but Roberts local knowledge, preparation, and perhaps most of all his perseverance put us into fish and saved our trip. I plan to fish again with Rob on my next trip to the area and would highly recommend that you to do too. Great equipment, tremendous fishing knowledge, and good company."

Rick Fisher Malvern, PA 11/2/14


"My three brothers and I along with our father went on a charter with Rob in July. It was a great trip. Rob does a good job with experienced kayak anglers as well as guys just starting out. He is very patient and knows how to find the fish!

Tim Torres Flex Stick Anchors 07/19/2014


I've been waiting a long time to fish this area of our state. I wanted to learn a little about the Mosquito Lagoon and still get to fish. Rob brought the best of both worlds. He has extensive knowledge of the region and he knew how to put me on the fish. We had to deal with a cold snap but he still found fish. I had a great time and I'll be back in the summer for sure.

Mike N. 3/2014


"My dad and I really enjoyed spending the afternoon on the river this week with Rob. He's used to fishing in the frigid Northwest so enjoying some Florida weather out on the Indian River was a real treat. Thanks for helping us find some real fighters! We didn't expect to land five or six big ones in a matter of hours but we did and now we're looking forward to the next trip with Rob!"

Ben Y. 12/2013


Rob, It was nice meeting you too. Thank you for the pictures. It was awesome to learn from someone with so much experience. It has sparked an interest in Jordan and I look forward to seeing where that leads him. I appreciate all the extra time and effort you took with us. I'm looking forward to the next trip!

Emily Mcdaniel 8/2013


Thanks for the great outing, Rob - despite tough conditions we did really well including my largest red ever. Even better was the wisdom you offered on catching them, think I'll have more success on my own now. See you again in a few months.

Jeff Brinks -4/2013


Rob, I really enjoyed fishing with you again yesterday. Twice we have been out and twice you have put me on the monster reds. I also really appreciate that you took the time to teach me how to be successful in the future. Your knowledge of fishing in this area is second to none. Thanks Again, can't wait to fish some more.

Jayson Colebank -3/2013


Rob, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed fishing with you. Having 11 knockdowns and boating 9 awesome red fish, in a matter of a few hours, definitely goes down as one of my greatest fishing days. In spite of the poor weather conditions you put me on multiple fish. Thank you for a GREAT day of fishing! Can't wait to go again.

Jeff Heard -2/2013


Rob, had a great time Kayak fishing this weekend. Perfect way to spend my birthday. I appreciate your prfessionalism and helping Ginger get comfortable fishing from a Yak and putting her on not only her first spec. but a nice one as well. Thanks

Russ & Ginger - 11/3/2012


I am a novice to kayaking and fishing, but Rob was able to direct me to some great fish. He is a superior fisherman with a unique ability to teach. In the beginning of the day I had really no idea what to look for, but by the end I started to get it and was able to present the lure and catch fish. Also Rob went out of his way to instruct me on not only the finer points of fishing, but also shared his expertise on navigation, Kayaks, and gear. I can't wait to return and fish with him again."

-Heyward Coleman


"Gary and I had an amazing time on the water, catching Reds and Trout, all great sizes too! This was our first trip fishing out of a kayak and Rob really took time to give us great advice on how to make this trip enjoyable. The wind did not cooperate very well with us, but we were able to endure it. We would absolutely recommend Rob as a guide, and the IRL was absolutely beautiful! Thanks Rob, hope to do this again!"

-Judy and Gary Sharpe

"I had a great time with Rob. The day started a little slow for us, but he did not give up until I hooked into a 40 inch Red Fish. It was the most exciting catch I have ever experienced fishing. I learned a great deal from Rob and plan on doing some more kayak fishing in my future. This definitely started a great trip for me in Florida, celebrating my separation from the Air Force. I will recommend Rob to anyone I know."

-Kristopher Stamps

"Rob - Wanted to say thanks again for a great trip. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves.With few Reds found in my home waters, I knew the IR Lagoon would would be a great place to try to catch some. The expert local knowledge you have made catching a reality. Everything looks fishy in the Lagoon. With the windy surface conditions I was amazed you were able to spot the moving Reds. Glad we didn't bring our yaks or equipment. Nice not to load and unload or even wash. Your equipment was top notch. Thanks for the tips and guidence it was a pleasure to fish with you. Thanks for sending the photos."

-Susan and James Brooks

"Rob was great he answered all of my questions about inshore fishing and was more than willing to share his knowledge about the sport. Overall great trip and I look forward to booking him again in the near future."

-Tommy Davis

"I had never fished in a Kayak before and I am hooked. Rob was very personable, knowledgeable and very willing to share. He put me on fish right away and allowed me to fish on my own while he scouted the area for schools of Red Fish. Thanks Rob for a great trip."

-Bill Haecker

"Rob - Thanks for the great day! Your equipment and skill are first rate. I have some kayak fishing experience but being with a guide really helps. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to become a better fisherman or just to see some beautiful scenery. We hooked three big reds in about a thirty minute period. I kept one and it was really good. Most of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I fish a lot but kayaking is definitely different and there are many things you can not learn by trial and error. Your pointers really helped."

-Sam Woods

" Thanks for the photos! I had an excellent day on the water with you. I appreciated you letting me ask so many questions about fishing the flats. With the fishing being slow in the AM and you trying different techniques to get a bite going, I ended up learning a lot about the many different ways you can fish the flats. The PM black drum bite was insane! I won't forget the sight and sounds of the thousands of black drum that marched down the flats. Glad I was able to hook up on the fly too!"

-Chester Zarnoch

" Rob, Thank you so much for an amazing time on the water, this was my 1st time kayak fishing for Reds and only the 2nd time ever stalking the flats. For those of you who haven't had an opportunity to fish with Rob, take it... He is an amazing guide. You are guarenteed to learn something and have a great time on the water. We will definetly stay in touch and be going on another charter trip in the near future."

-Jeremy Altmannsbergr

"I have gone out with other guides in boats and I never had the success that I had with Robert on a kayak. I caught 4 redfish with 2 being slot size and 2 being over slot. My best guided trip to date. I cannot wait for my next trip with Robert"

-Michael Teixidor

"Robert,I very much enjoyed kayaking and fishing with you. Kayaking was definitely a different and relaxing experience that I will definitely be doing again. Surprisingly, other then my shoulders I wasn't too sore. See you on the water and thanks for a great charter."

-Henry Willis

"I enjoyed the day, Rob taught me exactly what I wanted to know. I can now identify game fish in schools and singles on the flats. I know how to cast to them and I know good bait choices for different conditions and fish. Thank you again it was a memorable experience."

-lyle Cain

"Hooked up within minutes on the water. Robert wasted no time getting me hooked up on a fish and kept me hooked up the rest of the morning. If you wanna catch fish from a kayak he's the only guide you need to hire"

-Chuck Bostrom

"Reds and trout were no where to be seen as Robert took me to a place I regularly fish myself and never catch much. Then he showed me how to locate the school, and fish the particular area. I caught several 30"+ reds in our 4 hour trip as well as some trout. It was well worth the price and I gained a new friend in the experience! Thanks Rob!"

-Ben Coker

"I went kayak fishing with Lonny and Rob for red fish near Merritt Island in November of 2009. We had a good time and caught some nice sized red fish. Both Lonny and Rob were very helpful to a "first time" red fish angler. I am looking forward to another trip with them."

Tom Smith

"I met rob while fishing the lagoon one day, and he took the time to teach me about the area even though I was a complete stranger to him. Decent sized redfish have always eluded me until I chartered Rob. He took me out, gave me some great pointers, and helped me catch my first upper slot red (25"), our first time out! He's very patient and he knows where the fish are. I highly recommend fishing with him!"

-James Farrel